How To Keep Nail Polish Looking Fresh

How To Keep Nail Polish Looking Fresh

Caroline Applin, Layout Editor

Wanting the perfect nails without having to go to the nail salon can sometimes be out of budget and just a hassle. Follow these simple tips for fast, easy and fresh new nails. 

Step 1: Choosing a brand

According to the website Favebale, the top six nail polish brands are Essie, Nails Inc. Gel Effect, Smith & Cult, Deborah Lippmann, O.P.I. and Zoya. While brand names may give one a beautiful finish, a polish that is affordable and within budget can also live up to one’s expectations. Go to the local CVS to find all kinds of polishes that will give your nails the appearance of stepping out of the salon. 

Step 2: Picking a color

Find the right color that catches the eye. Fuchsia is great to add a pop of color to one’s day to day outfit or look. Some people also love a clear coat, which is simple but can go a long way to make their nails shine. One may want to look out for the pastel colors, which are perfect for the summer.

Step 3: Before painting

Here are some products that one can purchase which are used at the salon. Nail clippers are an awesome tool to create a desired length and shape. Nail filers are handy when it comes to rough edges and hangnails. Lastly, the True Blue Spa: sugar 60-second manicure hand scrub, is perfect for fresh clean nails. This scrub can clear dry skin and hangnails, making one’s nails look like he or she has been at the spa. 

Step 4: Applying the nail polish

Anytime when applying nail polish, try to be slow and steady and focused, to keep away from messy nails. If one does get the polish on his or her skin, try taking a small bristle makeup brush and nail polish remover. Then, dip the brush into the remover and carefully go around the nail to clean it up.

Step 5: Top coat

Finally, apply a top coat to make the nails extra shiny or pearly. Gel top coats help one’s nail polish last for a longer period of time while adding a bit of shine. There are also top coats like the Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze that give the polish a pearl look. 

Step 6: Dry your nails

It is hard not to smudge nails while drying them, but stay patient and cautious if one has to grab something. One tip is putting nails into ice water for three minutes. Although freezing, it is said to thicken the polish and make them dry faster. Once one’s nails are dry, enjoy the fresh new polish!