Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween Safely In 2020

Due to the coronavirus, social distancing has led to cancellations such as birthday parties, Independence Day fireworks and other gatherings. Halloween is approaching fast, but according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Halloween includes many high risk activities for spreading or contracting the coronavirus. Stay safe this spooky season by trying out the following activities.

Trick or treating door-to-door could be a risk due to close contact between people; however, it can be done safely by staying six feet apart and wearing a mask -safety methods that are crucial to help prevent the spread of the virus and getting it yourself. Try matching the color of your mask to your costume and the outfit will look even better! 

Planning to hand out candy? Attempt to sit outside your door so that trick or treaters do not have to touch the doorbell or door. To prevent multiple hands from touching the same candy, keep the candy in plastic bags for each individual trick or treater. Candy scavenger hunts are also a good way to stay outside and keep the candy to an individual person rather than multiple. 

People that are spending their Halloween in the comfort of their own home to celebrate can still have fun! Binge watching movies is not foreign to many, so why not watch Halloween movies on Halloween night? The top five Halloween movies for a scary night-in according to the magazine “GH,” are Hocus Pocus (Disney+ and Hulu), IT (available for rent), Scream (Disney+), Carrie (Hulu), and The Addams Family (Hulu).

Another fun activity is pumpkin carving which can be done right inside the home. Speaking of creativity, create your own DIY Halloween costume. Find items around the house to create the costume inspired by foods, sports, TV shows, movies, books, ect. 

Even if one is not trick or treating this year, costumes can still be worn by having a virtual costume contest. Show off the fabulous costume idea with friends and family adding a prize for the winner. The contest can be held on Zoom by sending the code. 

Halloween baking at home is another creative and tasty way to celebrate. Frost and decorate sugar cookies using cutters shaped as witches, pumpkins and ghosts. Confectionery sugar mixed with the right amount of water and a drop of food coloring makes delicious icing. Try baking cupcakes with green frosting and top the cupcake with a chocolate ice cream cone. Add sprinkles and candy corn to make the cupcake look like a witch!

The coronavirus may add an extra fright to 2020 Halloween, but this spooky holiday can still be celebrated while following safety guidelines.