How to Maintain Happiness This Winter

This past year has brought many to the end of their rope, and most people are left believing that 2020 was the worst year in recent history. With the end of the pandemic due to the distribution of the vaccine, many have finally regained hope in returning to a normal lifestyle. But, in order to cross the finish line, we all have to get through one slow and cold winter in one piece. Here are three tips to retain your happiness and positive mindset through these next few months.


Spend time with family and friends

Last year was a lonely one for a lot of people, but it did not have to be and 2021 does not need to be either. Spending time with family is the cure to this feeling. Just sparking conversation can leave you laughing to no end and with many memories. Most of us have busy lives, but this pandemic has allowed everyone to slow down. Years from now, this time of slow-paced living will be envied by many and it’s really important to realize that. It’s also essential to keep in touch with friends, no matter how difficult it may seem. I find facetime to be a great option as it gives a real, in-person feeling without the stress that the pandemic brings. And even though social distancing is crucial in stopping the spread, it’s still a secondary option to see friends, with social distancing and all other necessary precautions enforced, and catch up on everything you’ve missed. 

Find a hobby

This pandemic has led to people all around the world coming up with some fun ideas. From quarantine games to just trying something new, people have been more creative than ever before, and you can be too. It’s truly never too late to start something new, and if you are ever feeling bored out of your mind, just pick up a fun board game or play a non-contact sport with friends. Simply playing video games with siblings or doing a family puzzle can bring tons of joy. Doing this will not only entertain you and everyone around you, but it will keep you in a positive mood many times forward when you are feeling like there is nothing to do. 


One of the ways people have been able to stay sane during these times is by getting outside. People are constantly outside running, playing games or just relaxing. Sometimes just going outside and getting some fresh air is the answer to all your stress. But as the winter approaches, it’s getting more and more difficult to get outside; however, that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Go to your local gym or do some at-home-friendly workouts to greatly increase your morale. And if you can’t find any workouts that fit your liking, many fitness apps have customizable workout plans that adjust to your needs. Even if you are unable to workout, meditating is a great alternative. It requires no physical skill, but makes you a mentally stronger, better and happier person, all to the same degree. Just like finding  workout plans, there are plenty of apps and sources, such as “Headspace,” that allow you to implement sessions into your schedule. 


With winter in full force and the pandemic challenging people’s typical routines, taking some time for yourself is essential for preserving your happiness and improving your mental and physical health during the next few months.