5 Self Care Tips for 2021

Sophia Brownsword, Staff Writer

With the new year, comes a chance to change our everyday lives. As a result of this, self care was a big trend. Just because 2020 is over does not mean that self care is. Here are 5 practices that you can prioritize into your daily routines for a happy and healthy year:

1. Meditation

Staying in contact with your own mind and feelings is always important. The only thing required for meditation is relaxation and focus. Meditation is about allowing the mind to focus on the present moment and what we feel in that present moment. Meditation resources are easy to access too. All it takes is a  quick google search. There are guided meditations you can follow on youtube, podcasts and pictures that will help you get started.

2. Exercise

Exercise is something that everyone can enjoy because there are so many different forms of it. You do not have to exercise for any specific reason like losing or gaining weight. You don’t have to lift weights or go for runs. Activities like yoga or walking are great examples of easy exercise. There are so many workout videos that you can find on Youtube, from intense HIIT workouts, to dance workouts and yoga workouts. Find something you enjoy, and do it for however long you enjoy doing it. It is recommended that everyone do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Exercise releases dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which all help to regulate your mood, which keeps you your happiest self. 

3. Skincare

Skincare is essential to keep our skin healthy. Especially as teens, our skin is something most of us struggle with, so good skin is a way to boost your confidence. Taking care of your skin is important to avoid more serious problems in the future such as scars and other skin conditions. There are affordable skincare brands that are recommended by dermatologists like Cerave, Cetaphil, or Neutrogena. It may take some time for the skin to adjust to new products, but skincare is something that prevents future breakouts, which makes it an important practice. 

4. Nutrition

Food and water are necessary for our bodies to function, and without them, we would not be able to get anything done. Food is fuel and making sure we are eating enough nourishing foods is extremely important to our health. Healthy recipes are easy to find on websites such as Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram. Water is also easy to forget about, but being dehydrated makes our body function not to full capacity, something we need to accomplish all our tasks. There are apps that can help remind you to drink water, or even bottles with labels that show how much you should have drinken already by a certain period of time. 

5. Relaxation

Giving yourself time to do the activities you enjoy that help you relieve stress, is extremely important to staying happy. Whether it is watching a show on Netflix, reading a book or baking cookies, there are a range of hobbies you can participate in to make your downtime more enjoyable. Relaxation is necessary for reducing our stress levels and keeping us happy, so make sure to take time every day to do something just for you. 


Good daily routines can lead to lower stress levels, better sleep, and better overall health. These are just some ideas you can add to your routines to help you achieve these benefits and start off 2021 right.