Best Nail Salons in the Area


Cate Stanton, Editor-in-Chief

Fun nail designs have never gone out of style, but recently, Generation Z has begun to popularize dip and gel polish instead of acrylics. Dip and gel style allows one to incorporate long-lasting, unique designs, while keeping nails healthier than acrylics do. There are creative nail looks all over Pinterest including colorful french tips, swirls, flowers, smiley faces and holiday themed nails. However, with this increase in manicures comes a more difficult time in scheduling nail appointments. Here are some of the best nail salons in the Walpole area to choose from!

G-Lux Nails & Spa

Newly opened within the last year, G-Lux is located on Old Post Road in Walpole right across the street from Mick Morgan’s in Sharon. G-Lux offers an assortment of services including manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and waxing. They also provide some additional services such as the option to add a massage into their manicure or pedicure, callus removal with dermabrasion, an orange peel treatment and a paraffin wax treatment. G-Lux is nice and open inside, with new massage chairs and equipment. 

“I like going to G-Lux because they do a good job on my nails,” Senior Meghan Riley said. “I get acrylics and the shape and color is always perfect.”


Yoo Nail & Spa

Located right on Main Street in the center of town, Yoo Nail & Spa offers the classic manicure and pedicure along with callus removal, eyebrow service and foot massage. They also provide a complimentary shoulder massage after each service. The location of Yoo gives them an advantage over the other salons because they are in the center of town, which makes it convenient for anyone living in Walpole. 

“I always go to Yoo to get my nails done because the staff is so nice and welcoming and it’s easy to get an appointment,” Senior Katie Gillis said.


Sky Spa

Sky Spa is located on Walpole Street in Norwood. While this salon is out of town, it is worth the drive, as they offer a huge variety of services, including gel, dip and dazzle manicures to herbal and tropical spa pedicures to eyelash lifts and eyebrow tinting to waxing. Sky Spa is a very popular salon, making it almost impossible to get a walk-in appointment, but the website is available to book appointments in advance.

“I started going last summer in August of 2020 because my mom always went,” Senior Cara King said. “I love Sky Spa because of one of the nail technicians, Jane; she always takes her time.”


Milan Nail & Spa

Last but not least is Milan Nail & Spa located on Providence Highway in Walpole. Milan is pretty convenient for people since it is right off of route 1. The salon is clean, organized and spacious inside. Milan does not have a website so it is more difficult to book in advance, but fortunately, walk-in appointments are almost always available. All of their customers rave about it online in reviews.

 “Milan is the best,” Senior Cara Morris said. “They always have open appointments, which makes it easy because I’m pretty busy during the school year.”