April Break Bucket List Ideas To Do With Friends

 If you are lacking travel plans for this upcoming spring break, there are numerous activities one can enjoy while at home this April vacation. Because the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom, outdoor activities are back for the season. Here are some April break bucket list ideas to enjoy with friends as the days grow warmer. 

The first bucket list idea to do with friends is to wake up early and watch the sunrise. If going into break on a budget, driving to watch the sunrise, or even the sunset, will cost little-to-nothing. Places such as the beach or hiking spots are quality locations where the sunrise or sunset can be seen clearly. Places such as Medfield State Hospital, or even going to a beach like Nantasket are great local spots. The hardest part of this activity will be catching the sun at the right time and getting up in time to see the sunrise. Sitting in a calming location with friends watching the sunset or sunrise is a stress reliever and inexpensive idea to do as the weather continues to get warmer. 

On the same note as outdoor activities, doing a picnic with friends during break can be done on a sunny afternoon or warm night. Going to a location such as a Bird Park or even heading down to Marshfield to sit by the water are favorable places to have a picnic. One could bring snacks such as a charcuterie board and sparkling cider or even just normal snacks depending on the budget. Grabbing a group of friends and planning a picnic is a fun activity, but executing the plan is even better.

Next, coordinating an outdoor movie with family or friends is a good way to wind down and spend quality time together. For this, one would need a big screen to put outside and some sort of portable projector to project the movie onto the screen. Although this activity depends on warm weather with no wind or rain, this time of the year is perfect because the temperature is beginning to warm up. Bringing easy movie snacks such as candy and popcorn are sufficient for this event. An outdoor movie with others is a more innovative way to watch a movie rather than sitting inside and doing so. 

Lastly, a day-time activity to participate in with the warm weather approaching is hiking. Although this is not everyone’s favorite activity,it is a great way to get exercise while taking advantage of the warmer weather. This is another activity that does not cost any money when working on a budget. Hiking in the spring time can be a more enjoyable experience because the weather is cool rather than sweltering hot on a summer day. Hiking spots can not always be easy to find, but one of the local favorites is Blue Hills in Canton. 

Spending April break at home can seem boring, but these simple and price-friendly ideas no longer make break feel this way. Coming up with innovative outdoor ideas to do with friends this vacation can make for some unforgettable memories.