Weekend Trips To Enjoy Locally This Spring

Now that we are in the midst of spring, there are so many opportunities to take advantage of the warmer weather. Here in Massachusetts there are numerous local places that one can go to enjoy the springtime. Taking a weekend trip with friends and family is a sufficient way to enjoy the nice days and local seasonal hot spots. Here are some of the most popular places to take weekend trips to in the springtime with friends or family. 

The first stop on the weekend trip is local Boston favorite, a trip to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game. This is an all day event one can enjoy in Boston on a spring day or evening. The games usually last about three hours and are filled with the exciting ballpark atmosphere and incredible food. One may take the train right into the city or take a car and walk to the ballpark. The tickets vary depending on the seats, but for the most part it is an inexpensive trip for the experience one gets. After the game, there are many places to eat right around Fenway on Lansdowne street. 

 Another trip that involves popular food and shopping is another trip up to Boston to the North End and Faneuil Hall. This trip could be a bit pricey, but for the quality of food and places to shop, the money is worth it. One could go with a group of friends and stay the night in Boston then go shopping in Faneuil Hall during the day and hit the North End to eat at night. Stores such as Urban Outfitters and Coach are hotspots near Faneuil Hall as well as numerous Italian restaurants in the North End. Shopping and going to dinner in Boston can also be a good opportunity to take spring photos with friends with the spring ambience.

For a more price friendly option, taking a trip down to Nantasket’s beaches is an easy and affordable trip. From Walpole, the trip to Nantasket is about a 45 minute drive to spend a day in the sun. Visitors can expect some free parking spots, but there may be about a $15 fee for all day parking. In Nantasket, one can spend the day enjoying the cool oceanside breeze. There are numerous places around town to stop and grab a meal and of course ice cream and refreshments. This is a great place to go on a beachside walk while enjoying the fresh spring air. 

Lastly, the New England Aquarium, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is an admirable attraction to visit in the springtime. The aquarium is only about an hour and a half from Walpole, and tickets range anywhere from $10-40 per day depending on your age. The New England Aquarium is basically an all day event as there are many attractions within the exhibit and lots of animals to see. Like other aquariums, there are both indoor and outdoor exhibits with all kinds of animals, so picking a nice day to visit is preferred to get the best experience. 

Taking advantage of the spring weather and getting out with family and friends on weekend trips are needed after a long winter indoors. With these suggestions, taking a weekend to relax and enjoy the nice days is no longer stressful to plan.