How to Throw the Ultimate “Friendsgiving”

How to Throw the Ultimate Friendsgiving

Emily Smith

Thanksgiving is all about family, but sometimes there are more people who have made a difference in your life. A person does not have to be in your immediate family to be somebody you are grateful for this Thursday. “I am thankful for my friends” is a common phrase to be heard while gathered around the table, so why not treat your beloved companions to a feast just for them this year?

Everyone knows how extensive the classic Thanksgiving meal is. It would be nearly impossible for one high school student to prepare the entire meal themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you enjoy time with friends without being cooped-up in the kitchen all evening.

First things first: the most efficient way to start planning any event is to assemble a team. Do not host solo; Ask a friend to co-host. Having someone else to help plan and entertain will lift weight off your shoulders (and split the cost of whatever needs to be purchased like food and decorations.)

If there is still too much to do with a co-host alongside you, feel free to make the event a potluck and ask other guests to bring food. Also, do not forget that Thanksgiving is about gathering people together… not the food.

Remember how adorable “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” was when Snoopy and friends gathered around a table of toast and popcorn? It is not completely necessary to strictly have the classics at “Friendsgiving.” In fact, serving food that is considered unconventional for Thanksgiving dinner will make the night an even more memorable experience. Make sure you do not make the menu too limited though—be sure to have something substantial on the table. Nevertheless, h’ors d’oeuvres never hurt anybody, and they can be a great alternative to a giant meal.

Whilst you and your guests are stuffing themselves full with the food you’ve prepared, it is a good idea to have other things to do like games to break things up. “Friendsgiving” should not need to be too formal after all, so the party-game essentials are a must-have.

Along with games, all parties need the perfect playlist. Making playlists can seem daunting at times, especially because they need to be long enough that you do not hear the same tune every 20 minutes. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-made playlists to be found online on apps like Spotify and Apple Music to make things easier. If you plan on making your own collection of songs to play instead, something to consider is that this is Thanksgiving—not Christmas. Although it is tempting, refrain from just playing those classic Christmas jams.

Lastly, a personal touch is a guaranteed way to ensure that your “Friendsgiving” will stand out from all of the other dinners your friends will most likely be attending. Everyone loves party favors—and having one double as a place card checks two things off a party planner’s list. Throw together some homemade trail mix in a mason jar, tie a cute ribbon, write (or print) your friend’s name on the top and ta-da! Your guests now know where to sit, and have a little snack to take home as a party favor.

“Friendsgiving” is the perfect way to show your friends how much you truly appreciate them. Give thanks for everyone you love and enjoy spending time with them this Thanksgiving.