How to Eat Clean this Summer

How to Eat Clean this Summer

Emily Butler

By Emily Butler

Staff Writer

   With summer quickly approaching, high school teens are beginning to regain that sense of freedom that the warmer months bring. It is easy to slip out of a regular eating routine during the summer as going out to get ice cream with friends, making late night McDonalds runs, and snacking beach or poolside become seasonal staples.  If this sounds like you, The Rebellion is here to help.

   Maintaining a healthy diet during the summer months can be daunting but is essential. If you are planning on being active this summer, keep a diet rich with nutrients and minerals in mind.

   A healthy diet can be as simple as swapping out sugary treats for something a little healthier. Replace your typical beach snacks like potato chips with fresh fruit and consider ditching the sugary drinks and the iced coffees you were reliant upon during the school year for freshly squeezed lemonade or hydrating coconut water.

   Breakfast is a meal that tends to get more attention during the summer months than during the morning rush of the school year. Use this extra time to make a healthy breakfast that will help you sustain a high level of energy throughout active summer days. If you want to shake up your typical breakfast foods, try replacing your Eggos for avocado toast or a greek yogurt.

   Healthy options can even be taken on the go. Nutritious snacks that are easy enough to pack in your beach bag include plantain chips, kale chips, granola, watermelon slices, or fresh fruit.

   Fresh salads make for delicious and easy portable lunches. If salads tend to bore you try adding heirloom tomatoes, grilled peaches, dates, or almonds. Summer allows for more time for meal preparation so have fun experimenting with new ideas.

   For  dinner, check out local farm stands and restaurants that prepare food with fresh ingredients to grab a tasty bite in place of fast food.

Summer grilling is not just for hamburgers! Alternatives include grilled eggplant and vegetables. Pasta with pesto, and zesty tacos can also add a summery flavor to your diet.

   In the summer months, it is important to keep in mind everything is best in moderation. Don’t be shy to treat yourself to the occasional fro-yo and pizza on a Fridaynight. Having a healthy outlook and making your best efforts to eat clean will greatly impact your summer lifestyle.