Fall Fashion Trends From Social Media Influencers



During quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic, it is safe to say teenagers across the nation have done much more online shopping than usual with all the free time on their hands. While only going to school twice a week, it is harder to see what clothes are trendy, but Instagram influencers are keeping everyone up to date.

Recently, social media influencers Hannah Meloche, Ana Stowell, Natalie Zacek, and Lexi Hidalgo, met up in Mackinac Island, Michigan for a collaboration. All four girls are known for their style and inspire others to dress out of their comfort zone. Hannah Meloche has been a YouTuber for years with almost two million subscribers. As for the rest of the girls, they have gotten their fame through tiktok in the last year. Doc Martens have been popular in the last few years, but this year they are even more fashionable among teens because of the variety of clothes they can be paired with. Meloche, Stowell, Zacek, and Hidalgo all wore different variations of Doc Martens with skirts and oversized jackets. Doc Martens can also be worn with dresses and all different types of jeans, like straight-leg or mom jeans. These boots are so popular because they fit every fall outfit, but can also be worn in other seasons as well. 


Within the past couple of years, the classic 2000’s skinny jeans have been pushed to the curb and mom jeans, flare jeans, and skater jeans are the new hits. All three styles of jeans are cute and comfortable at the same time, which makes them more popular than skinny jeans. Mom jeans can be worn with almost every shoe, a few examples being Doc Martens, Air Force Ones, Converse, and Vans. Flare jeans have recently made a comeback and are perfect for the fall sweater weather. Lastly, skater jeans have just recently come into style this year, and girls tend to wear them with Air Force Ones, Converse, and Nike Air Jordans for an edgier look. Skater jeans are baggier jeans that are tight at the waist, but flow out at the bottom. Most teenagers would agree that YouTube star and social media influencer Emma Chamberlain greatly inspires fashion trends today, and she stopped wearing skinny jeans a few years ago.

A surprisingly trendy skirt that teenagers are styling these days are tennis skirts. Most girls stick to the basic white or black tennis skirt, but there are other popular tennis skirts in plaid and pastel colors.

“Tennis skirts are super cute when paired with a sweater, sweater-vest, or a tank top,” senior Kate McLellan said. “They look great when worn with a looser shirt, like an oversized crewneck, but also work really well with a tight tank top or button-up shirt.”

For shoes, teenagers tend to wear either a fashionable sneaker like Air Force Ones, or Filas, or boots like Doc Martens. A few companies that sell the trendy skirts are Grey Bandit, Pacsun, and Brandy Melville. Tennis skirts have become stylish in the summer, but they are perfect for the fall days that are warm enough to wear a skirt to school. 


Lastly, layering clothing has become a trend over the years. A few years ago, it was popular to wear a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck underneath a tank top dress, so one could wear the dress in the cooler weather. Now, layering has been taken to all new levels. Teenagers wear flowy tank tops over long sleeve shirts to add an extra spunk to their outfits. One of the most well-known combinations in the oversized graphic t-shirt with the long sleeve turtleneck. Girls could wear this combo with mom jeans and Doc Martens to create a trendy fall outfit.

With technology today, most teenagers wear clothes inspired by their favorite social media influencers.

“I think TikTok is a huge influence on fashion today, with the amount of videos that people watch on tiktok, many different styles are shown on the app and it encourages teenagers to step outside their comfort zones,” McLellan said.